Thursday, 6 November 2008

About The Orphanage

The Rev Urumutte Sugathananda Thero started his activities for war orphans in 1972; after he read a newspaper article about the plight of children whose parents had died in Anuradhpurea (city situated in the north central)

He started the children’s home in Colombo with seven boys aiming to provide shelter education and future employment.

Over the years the Home has grown and at present houses 69 boys, aged 4 and upwards.

Although the home was initially started for the war orphans it is now also home to

  • Abandoned children

  • Children whose parents are in prison

  • Affected by 2004 tsunami

  • Street children

  • Children placed by authorities

If not for the home these boys would otherwise be living on the street, most likely resorting to crime to survive.

The home receives no governmental funding and is solely reliant upon donations and contributions from private individuals and local business organizations

If you would like to help, please go to how I can help