Wednesday, 19 November 2008

What we do

We run art and activity workshops in orphanages and poor schools and villages in Colombo and southern Sri Lanka.

Around Christmas time as part of the activity workshops, we colour and draw with the children Christmas themed shapes and patterns that can then be turned into greeting cards by the nimble hands of other hardworking volunteers, some of them parents or young adults in the community.

The project is in its 3rd year running and previously we have sold the cards in America, U.K, Australia and Sri Lanka. If you would like to find out more about the communities we are working with this year please follow the link Sri Jinananda orphanage, wellawatta

We are working in conjunction with the charity manacare, for more details on their mission please take a look at their website.

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Hugh Gyton, Principal said...


You are an inspiration! Congratulations on a fantastic initiative and I wish you every success with it. Wonderful to see the joyful faces. The cheque is in the mail...yes, yes it is. :o)